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Home Health Services, On-Location Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy


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Enjoy a long, healthy life with home health care services from Caregivers Home Health Services. Backed by more than 15 years of experience, our dedicated caregivers and nurses provide full-service home health care for the Falls Church region and most of the Northern Virginia area. Call the nursing staff at Caregivers Home Health Services in Falls Church, Virginia, at (866) 942-6853 to schedule in home care, and for information on our hospice and occupational therapy services.


Mission Statement
Caregivers Home Health Services is dedicated to a level of service that will help foster quality of life. Caregiver's goal for each patient is to achieve a full personal potential. The fundamental objectives are to provide comfort to patients and to educate them to care for themselves so that they may add healthy independent years to their lives.


What Is Home Health Care?
Home health care encompasses a wide range of health and social services. We
provide affordable home health care to recovering, disabled, and chronically ill patients. Our staff provides exceptional medical services, nursing treatments, social services, therapeutic treatments, and personal assistance to help you enjoy the essentials of daily living.

Who Needs Home Health Care?
Home health care is perfect for anyone who is challenged by medical issues
(such as short-term or long-term illnesses and/or physical disability) that prevent them from leaving home. These convenient health care services are also perfect for individuals who elect to be independent of hospitals or nursing homes. As your physical capabilities diminish, you may want to consider seeking home health care services.

Seniors - Home Health Services

Link: The Joint Commision

Our Clientele Is Comprised Primarily of the Following Types of People:

♥ Individuals Who Were Recently Discharged from the Hospital and Are Still
Recovering from Surgery Or Illness and are under a care plan provided by their physician. Did you know that it is your right to ask your  Hospital discharge planner to use the home care provider of your choice? Since Caregivers is accredited by The Joint Commission, Please ask for Caregivers Home Health Services At (866) 942-6853.

♥ Individuals with Chronic Conditions That Require Frequent Monitoring—Such a
s Diabetes,
  Hypertension, Kidney Disease, Heart and Lung Disease, or Multiple

♥ Terminally Ill Individuals Who Require Pain Management Programs, Emotional
  Personal Care, or Assistance with Daily Living Activities

♥ Individuals Who Require Custodial Care, Homemaker Services, or a Live-In C
  (Either Temporary or Long-Term)

Caregivers Home Health Services is dedicated to maintaining your health and well-being. Our thorough home health care can be indispensable in relieving the pressure felt by all family members during these troubling times. Our home health services are important in helping you regain your health and mobility at home or in familiar surroundings. Home health care can help you avoid costly and unnecessary admissions to the hospital. Additionally, our in-home care allows you to receive individual and personal attention from nurses, therapists, home health aides, and social workers.

♥ We Are Fully Insured and Bonded

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home health services.

♥ We Are Certified by Medicare & Medicaid

♥ Our Caregivers Are Licensed by the State of Virginia